Got the chance to take the Symba out for a couple hundred miles today with a group of friends. We took the scooters up to Centralia Pa, and hit a good mix of backroads, dirt roads, steep mountains, and wild twisties. I had an absolute blast.





The Symba was a little sketchy on steep climbs on mountain dirt roads (this was expected, it has very skinny tires), but it functioned pretty well.
We found some steep enough climbs that I was down all the way into first gear, and it had no issues at all. I was waiting for something like high temps, but it just chugged right up. I did scrape the brake pedal on a downhill switchback at higher speeds, but I think that was a weight issue (big, aggressive rider). All in all, I can’t find a fault with the bike as of yet. Nothing. Nada. Not even a glitch.

Until next time, happy riding!