I decided to take the Roughhouse out today, and since it’s ridiculously hot out, a trip through the woods sounded nice.  http://youtu.be/viZ_J307Li8
 Licking Creek State Park is near here, and has miles and miles of dirt and gravel roads (and some mud and trails). 

  The elusive  rh50 in it’s natural habitat .   


 Scooters are dirt capable. 








 I really gotta get back up and check out the other hundred miles of dirt that I didn’t have time for today. 


 Maybe next time I won’t almost run out of gas and lose my phone somewhere in the woods (luckily I found it).  



 Looks like today will be the day this blog hits 2000 views and it’s been read in 16 countries šŸ˜€
Happy Riding!!