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Rh50 headlight mod…

Nothing crazy, but I changed out the little clear bulb for a green LED. The stock bulb is a 194, and I changed it out with a t10 led. Hopefully it stands up to the heat in the headlight housing.

I was just trying to add something to make it more visible. I ride the little thing in weird weather conditions and people aren’t thinking about two wheel machines, so maybe this will catch their attention to the fast it has two tiny lights close together and isn’t a car half a mile away. If this doesn’t work, I’m going to add fog lights.


Vega Turismo II cold weather pants

I grabbed a pair of the Vega Technical Turismo II cold weather pants for my ride home today. It’s 42 degrees F, with a 30 plus mph wind, and I was on the Valkyrie- so my speeds were above 55mph for the 40 mile ride.

Vega Turismo II Pants

Honestly, other than being a little bulky, my legs were comfortable the whole way. It didn’t even occur to me to think about my legs being cold. No flapping, lots of pockets and waist adjustments. I like them. A lot. Price was great, they have CE rated armor. Waterproof. What else could I want for cold weather riding ?

RoughHouse 70cc vs. Snow

Zoom in and you’ll see the aftermath of lots of donuts. It’s squirrelly but manageable, except when it gets up on the pipe and really winds up. Then it just spins and you get to drift until it hits 40mph and physics kicks in. Kinda fun, kinda scary.

The new handgrips are stellar. Nice and grippy even when wet (and snowy).

A good scooter blog to check out…

If you want some good scooter and general life blog reading – Scootin Da Valley is a good place to hit up.

Playing Around With the Sidecar …

No big write-up. Me and the boy went out for ice cream, swimming in the river, and poked around the local race car track.

Oh ya, added a new horn too. It’s actually louder than the stock one. Passengers seem to enjoy it.

Riva survived the whole trip

Made it home. No breakdowns. That is one awesome $200 machine.

Buzz in the Valley # 6 day two

Breakfast was great.

Then we opened the cvt up on the Riva. The belt isn’t great and the starter clutch or variator is sticking. Not awesome, but not fixable with my current tools or parts. Keep riding as-is.

New sticker.

Gas stop. Awesome food stop. Levity brewing. Well worth your time. Here is a few more pics :

The ride continued on to Stilts Corner.

Made it back to the campsite for supper. They make the best tacos.

After that… raffle time. I won a lot of stuff.

Then we decided to hit the Incline plane in the dark. placeholder://

I love this shot so much

All in all- a fantastic day.

Buzz in the Valley #6 Scooter Rally

The Riva survived the trip. It has a minor transmission issue and a weird vibration, but it made it.

First fuel stop.

Stopped to check tires and oil. All good.

Tire check. Riva still buzzing along just fine

Made it to Shade Gap to meet up with the rest of the group…

Got bored and bought my traditional Buzz ride out breakfast. The pizza is as “meh” as every other year.

An hour and a half later (to be expected. They are always late ).

Denny with a mouth full of weiner

Stopped by Lake Raystown for a minute

Stopped at the windmills by Blue Knob

Climbed a dirt mound that said no trespassing

Fuel stop in Portage

$25 dollar tent from Amazon. Yes it sucks.

Bridge in Johnstown.

I find this to be discriminating to me. Timmeh!Stupid inflatable chair it’s terrible.

Firefanning the flames.

So far so good. Buzz is awesome.

1983 Riva xc180 Carb Choke Bypass

Ok. Finally have better pics and new vacuum lines.

You literally only need about $25 to delete the Bi-Metal Control Valve (BCV) and the other two cold/starter solenoids.

1. Manifold needs a vacuum line to the petcock. This opens the petcock when the engine is turning over.

2. Connect this nipple on the intake manifold to a decent petcock.

3. Connect the #2 nipple on the carb (it’s actually got a number 2 right beside it) to the other side of the petcock.

4. Put a vacuum line on the #1 nipple (right beside #2, it’s also marked) and run it to a filter, or cap it off, or leave it open (runs the risk of moisture or dirt getting sucked in the carb).

5. Petcock. Put it somewhere you can get to it.

6. Open petcock to start the scooter. Shut it after a few seconds.

7. Get rid of BCV and the other solenoids. Or leave them. Whatever. Just cap off what you aren’t using anymore.

8. BOOM! Go ride your awesome scooter and have a happy life.

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